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Brussels Beer Project: something new every time

(Christmas edition 2020 – Brewery tour in a box )
( Spring edition 2021 – Brewery tour in a box)
( Spring edition 2021 – Brewery tour in a box)

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Beer selection of our Springbox Brewery tour in a box

Can I let you in on a little secret? I and the Brussels Beer Project go way back! 

When I first arrived in Brussels in 2015, I went to their brewpub in Antoine Dansaert. I was looking for a job in the brewery scene – but unfortunately – they weren’t hiring any sales profiles. 

Instead – I started working at Vansteenberge – spending at least one day a week in Brussels uncovering the Poechenellekelder and Le Cercueil – falling head over heels for Brussels. 

Brussels Beer Project VS La Senne

If you look at the current landscape of Brussels breweries, you’ll notice two new players right away: Brussels Beer Project and Brasserie de la Senne. Two large breweries with distinct personalities. 

Maybe I’ll dedicate another blog post to Brasserie de la Senne. What you do need to know about “La Senne”, is that they are focused on the quality of the beers. For example, most of their beers are bio – even though they never received the bio label. Also, the majority of their beers are low in alcohol. For example, Taras Boulba has 4,5% of alcohol and Zinnebir something around 6%.  

Pick your favourite beer!

Since BBP is located in Antoine Dansaert in the center of Brussels – they are an important halt in my brewery tour. 

And every time I pass by, they have something new. A new promotion, a new beer, you name it. 
Unsurprisingly, since they release around 40 new beers every.single.year! You almost cannot keep up with their ever-expanding catalog. I just added their brand-new BADAGAIO to the beer box. But when I checked their website the other day, I saw that they brewed yet another beer: Shower Power. How do they do it?! 

Not all beers are kept in their permanent catalog. Every year, their fans get to pick their favorite – and they get added to the catalog: Jungle Joy, Juice Junky, and Wunderlager are now fan-favorites. 

As you might have noticed, the Brussels Beer Project is kick-ass when it comes to marketing. 
And their beers are quite delicious as well. 

BBP – Where experimenting is fun

In Germany, the Rheinheitsgebot is still influential. But those who favor the traditional way of brewing beer, well, they will not be pleased with BBP – where they experiment with beer all the time. 

They brew the BADAGAIO you are tasting right now with Pasteis de Nata – a Portuguese dessert.  

But that’s just scratching the surface. 

In the picture below you see me and my friends enjoying Pinard de Bruxelles. At first sight, this might look like a regular beer – but do not let its appearance fool you! It’s a mixture of beer and wine! The combination of grapes and malt was sooo delicious! Can I share with you a new secret? The brewer David just told me that they are planning to create a barrel-aged version of the Pinard. As you see: they never stop experimenting, I can’t believe it 🙂

But experimenting is so much more fun when you can share it with others – right? Well, at BBP, they are of the same idea. That’s why they host contests – fitting in their philosophy of co-creating beer. They release the recipe of their Delta IPA and brewers across the globe will experiment with it – resulting in new beers.

The openness, the co-creation, the experimentation, that’s what makes the Brussels Beer Project so unique. And that’s what I like about them. 

Wanderlust amidst Corona

Every year – Brussels Beer Project organizes an event that highlights the craft breweries that we still have in Brussels, Belgium, and across our borders: Wanderlust. But then – you guessed it – Corona happened. 

So – no Wanderlust this year? 

Well, then you don’t know the good people at Brussels Beer Project. Instead of passing up the opportunity to host another Wanderlust, they did what experimenters do. Instead of hosting Wanderlust indoors – as per usual – they went in the air. 


And they organized Wanderlust of The Roofs – on top of their brewery! 

Coronaproof Wanderlust Festival

12 craft breweries from all across the world were present and hosted this unique Wanderlust – all coronaproof of course. 

Well, there’s so much more to tell about Brussels Beer Project. And about the history of Brussels breweries. But that’s something for the next post.

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