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Liselot: Founder & guide of Beer Secret launched one of the first Belgians craft beers

My name is Liselot Caura, I am from Bruges and I studied in Ghent (a city as beautiful as Bruges). After graduating, I decided to move to Brussels to experience a more international and multicultural way of life. 6 years of living in Brussels have flown by and now I’m settled back in Ghent.In 2014, I launched one of Ghent’s first craft beers called Crabbelaer, which quickly grew in popularity as a much loved brew on the Belgian beer scene. 

In a traditionally male industry, I am one of the few women with deep knowledge about the amazing world of Belgian beer.

But it only really started to itch when I realised that I wanted to share my passion for beer and Belgian culture with a much broader audience than just bars, restaurants and beer-colleagues. I made my decision: I would use my knowledge to inspire all beer lovers out there! From tourists to anyone who wants to participate in fun group activities. Thus, in 2016 Belgiumbeerdays was born, which in 2020 changed into BeerSecret.  

“There’s nothing I love more than to talk about the city, our culture and history of Belgian beers, so much so that I made it my full-time job and life’s work! Join me at one of our beer or brewery tours and together we’ll discover your favourite Belgian beer!”

Come at the start of your trip and I’ll share all the insider tips on what to see and do in Brussels, Bruges, Ghent and beyond.

So, what will you experience during this tour?

  • Discover what’s so unique about the Belgian beer culture (no matter your previous beer tasting experience!)
  • Get answers to your long-lasting beer questions: yes, we work in a very engaging way!
  • The large variety of flavors and beer styles. Perhaps you’ll uncover a new favorite taste?

Do you have to like beers to participate in our tours?

No! Sometimes, someone just joins our tour to please someone else: husband, wife, or friend. But by the end of the tour, these people are always blown away by how much they like a particular beer. And that’s why I host these tours. To open your mind to our fantastic beers.

Why Choose Beer Secret

Experience something unique and authentic

Like meeting the brewer and discover hidden gems across Ghent, Bruges, and Brussels

Small Group Tours

Personal approach to connect with your guide and other beer fellows

It’s Beers & Beyond

Discover more of the local food market thanks to an inspirational pairing

Get customised beer homework!

Get a unique post-experience!  Share your new favourite beer style with your guide and get customised beer suggestions!

Every day is one to discover more of this fascinating beer world

In 2021, I was the moderator of the Toer de Geuze Online Edition.

Because of Covid restrictions, we couldn’t host the event live. But with a small camera crew, we went out to all the lambic and gueuze brewers to hear their fascinating stories. It became an educational week full of interviews, storytelling and tastings.
For the livestream, I was asked to host the event. 

Toer de Geuze is a bi-annual beer event, organized by Horal where all the lambic brewers and geuze brewers open their doors to the public. Beer lovers from all over the world come to our beautiful Zennevallei region during this event. 

A collaboration with Visit Flanders


Visit lambic brewery Lambiek Fabriek

Visit lambic brewery Boon

A few months before this Tour de Geuze experience, I took the initiative to broadcast a virtual brewery tour during online beer tastings (due to Covid). We presented the brewery’s story, brewing process and beer portfolio.  The partnered breweries were De Ranke and De Dolle Brouwers. Check out our videos of these passionate brewery owners.

Visit craft brewery De Ranke

Visit craft brewery De Dolle Brouwers

Was this my first experience interviewing brewers? No, actually it all started before hosting my first-ever beer tour.  In 2015, I interviewed lots of breweries during a B2B brewery exposition. Since then, they all became good friends who I still visit from time to time.

“Long chats with brewers are just a way to stay updated in this challenging and ever-moving world”

Presentation Delirium Tremens

Presentation Brugse Zot

Curious to explore  more of Belgium’s rich beer culture and get updates when we visited another brewery?

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