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Frequently Asked Questions

All FAQs you can find on this page. Read more by clicking on the options below:

What time should I arrive?

It’s strongly suggested to arrive 5 minutes before departure so that nobody needs to wait too long before drinking their first beer. 

Can I also join the tour if I  don’t drink alcohol or need to drive?

Yes, for sure you are more than welcome!  We make sure that those people have non alcoholic beers or other alternative drinks. 

Is it responsible to drink and drive after the tour? 

We kindly advise people not to drive immediately after the tour, as you are going to drink 5 tastings ( 12.5 cl x 5%-10%) in 2/3 hours which (depending on the person) can maybe exceed the maximum allowed legal drink- drive limit. Providing a “BOB” (= local name for responsible driver) can be a good idea. It’s always possible to replace some beers for soft drinks if this BOB is joining  the tour.

Is BeerSecret wheelchair friendly?

Public tours: Unfortunately,all our partnered bars and restaurants aren’t wheelchair friendly. For this mixed group tour, we don’t have the option to adapt.
Private tours: As a private group request, we can adapt the tour, so that it’s wheelchair accessible.

I would like to book a tour for my private group, but I’m not sure yet of the final total number of people.Can I already  book? 

For sure, no problem! Book for the estimated number of people that will come and give us the exact amount of people at least 5  days before the tour.  Any refund by BeerSecret or additional payment by the client will be made by the end of the tour. Find more information in our Terms and Conditions.

What are your age restrictions? Can a minor join as a non-drinker?

It is surely possible to join the tour as a minor, for this person the tour is offered for the same price. We will provide them alternative options like non-alcoholic beers and soft drinks. This is to discuss at the moment itself. Just leave this info as comment when booking

Can I  also book last minute?

Public tours: we allow bookings up to 3 hours before the tour if other people already signed up for the tour. Keep in mind that Saturdays in high season (April-October) can be sold out, so if you can, we advise you to book in advance.
Private tours: we allow bookings up to 3 days before the tour. As we are only a small team of high-qualified beer guides, we only offer max. 2 tours at the same time slot.
Every online booking is linked with the full payment.

Does BeerSecret offer tours at other timeslots than those you can book online?

Yes we do. In order to respond to your customised timeslot, an extra € 90 (incl. 21% VAT) will be charged and for Sundays, an extra €150 (incl. 21% VAT) will be charged.
Contact us via the request form of your favourite tour and share with us your favourite timing. We’ll take care of the follow-up! 

We are French speaking people, does BeerSecret offer tours in French?

Yes, for all our private tours. Public tours are mainly  in English, because they consist of people from all over the world. 

Public & Private Beer Tours Ghent, Brussels & Bruges
We are a group of 8 people, why can’t we book a public tour?

For groups starting from 8 people, we recommend booking a private tour.  This size of groups often has different wishes than the small groups that are booking for the public tour.

We are having a bachelor party, would it be a good  idea to book with BeerSecret and would it be different than another tour?

Great idea to host your bachelor party with us! Leave this comment when booking, so we can provide a beer quiz at the end of the tour. 

Public & Private Brewery Tours Brussels
We are a group of 8 people, why can’t we book a public tour?

For groups starting from 8 people, we recommend booking a private tour. This size of groups often has different wishes than the small groups that are booking for the public tour

Beer Boat Ghent (only for private groups)
We are a group  of less than 15 people . Can we still book a beer boat?

Yes, you can! Just keep the following in mind: to cover the fixed costs, we are required to offer this experience at the min. price of (€ 47 x 15): € 705 (incl. 21% VAT) for the 90-min formula and (€ 54 x 15): € 810 (incl. 21% VAT) for the 120-min formula.

Share with us the exact number of people as a booking note, and we will replace the extra liters of beers for some local snack portions (croquette meatballs and/or cheese) with our amazing mustard! 🍻😯🧀

Can we take some snacks on the beer boats?

Yes it’s possible for the City Boats but for the cruises we don’t allow that. 

What happens if it’s raining on the day of our beer boat tour? ?

For rainy days, we can provide  a covered boat to ensure a cosy and dry experience! 

Team Building Experiences

Beer Boat

Can I book the Beer Boat with a large group of people?

For sure! But if your group number exceeds +35 people, your group will experience the tour on two different boats guided by two different beer guides.
This is the best way to have a proper interaction within your guide and with each other.

Beer & Brewery Tasting Tour 

What if we are short in time? Can we also shorten the tour?

That is possible. It’s just important to share this info when requesting a tour.
The number of tasters may vary due to the shorter time, although there will be more food pairing provided as a compensation.  

Can I book for big groups? 

Yes of course.  For all groups starting from min. 16 people and maxium 60 people, , we advise to organise the tour as following:
– location #1 & #2: the group will be splitted into two groups
– location #3 : the complete group gathers together to end the tour In this way, we can guarantee the right interaction within your guide and the group, while guiding you from place to place (without getting lost) 😉

Beer Tasting – Event Venue

What do I need in our venue to ensure a great tasting?
  • Big Table (preferably min 2.5 meters) for presentation 
  • Tables for audience: low or high tables (both setups are possible depending on the concept)
  • Tasting glasses (wine glasses or other tulip shaped glasses) – please provide min. 3 glasses per person
What will BeerSecret provide for the tasting?
  • Microphone (for an audience up to 40 people) 
  • 1 helper per 16 persons
  • 30 min extra presence to be able to answer questions