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Corona trend: Are breweries adapting their production to the Corona crisis?

Friday 27th March -We cannot talk about business as usual these days as alot of enterprises are trying to find a way to be part of this corona-industry. So distilleries everywhere in the world are getting their hands into the creation of rubbing alcohol. Breweries like ABInbev and other breweries who know how to make whiskey & gin are following that trend.

Few weeks ago you probably saw on TV that hospitals are sewing their own medical masks, from a few days ago, we can see the same situation for the gels, as the market is asking for an unusual big production of all the products that can help to avoid spreading the virus. The minister of Finance Alexander De Croo requested the Administration of “tax”” to relax the rules of license, so as to make it more accesible. Of course they are pointing out that the hand gel would be ineffective if the alcohol content is below 70%.

Now, as you are here to read about breweries, we can share with you the news that AbInbev already produced more than 50.000 liter of hand gel. Another brewery like “Wilderen” from Limburg has got permission to start the production. Next to their triples, they create gin “Double you Gin” , which became in the beginning of this year even the country winner at the World Gin Awards, a department of the “World beer Awards”, as a lot of readers may know. Quite impressive to us, as we found out they are only producing gin quite recently.

Other breweries are keeping up their production as much as possible. For sure every brew house is functioning with this strict health care rules, so that the production is running on a lower basis. When we asked a brewery like Orval, if it would be an option to stop brewing for a time, they told us that they need to keep the production ongoing, as their own yeast needs to stay alive. Some people are probably wondering if this is a safe decision for those Trappist breweries, as monks are usually their brewers. But you do not have to worry about that as lay workers are often in charge of the production of the Trappist beers.

It’s anyway very good news for all the beer lovers that breweries have this good “reason” to continue their brewing process so that we all have the guarantee that the Belgian beers will not run out of stock.

The question is: are a lot of other breweries going to start producing hand gel too? We heard already from some pharmacies that they do not have any other choice than running to their local small breweries and helping them to provide this needed “tool”. Share with us on social media if you know other breweries who are helping out this corona-epidemic.