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Beer box of Ghent

Ghent, the city that we love, launched a Beer Box Ghent (soon also Beer box Bruges) to promote some unknown local beers. It’s so surprising how many beers the city of Ghent offers. Have you already tried their 66 beers? If not, let’s start with the 6 local craft beers in the box.

One of those is Libidus, known as the love beer, created by the well-known taxi driver Joeri Cools. He uses a quite distinct description for the beer: “Blond, mysterious, that does not make you easily dry”… which makes a lot of men curious we believe. 😉

Another blond exemplar is effectively called Blondine, for sale in the beer spot that seduce you with the largest assortiment of the city center: De Hopduvel. Let’s continue with another type, this time an IPA (style of hoppy beers): As we tell you that this third beer is created by young men from La Roche and Ghent, could you guess we are talking about L’arogante? Next we have Crabbelaer, that has an unique cosy bitter taste, established in a bit an underground neighbourhood in Ghent. Also in the sixpack there is Johannes, which is only served in the beer place Trappistenhuis, only 500m walking from the Belfry. We end with Rebelse Strop, which belongs to Roman, the oldest brewery in Belgium since 1545.

Don’t overlook the back of the box, where Belgiumbeerdays is showing you which beer places to visit. Don’t be surprised if those places are offering much more than you would expect. If you feel like visiting those places with a guide, feel free to join our beer tours every Saturday afternoon.

Combining the purchase of the beer box and joining the tour, will lead you completely in our mindset: Love and Enjoy your beer differently. Can we tell you one more thing before leaving you, my readers? We have a quite big relationship with one of the beers! Liselot Caura, founder of our beer tours, has launched this beer as the first craftwork scene in Ghent. Only in the tour you’ll discover the full story.

Don’t wait any longer and share this unique story with your friends & family. See you soon?

Facebook page of the Region Beer Box.

Dutch article from the local newspaper.

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