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No tours for now, but the beers are coming to you!

As the Belgian government has announced another lockdown, we can’t offer any tours until further notice. You do prefer a tour in the city? Get a gift card and exchange for the day of your choice.

We’ll never stop our tastings, no matter what.

A beer tour in a box was born!

Remember spring 2020? You didn’t have the option to go to a bar, to see friends, and so much more restrictions that seriously hindered your social contact. We were your solution: thanks to our tastings, you (yes, everyone who follows us on social media) had the chance to kick off a beer tasting with other beer lovers. It was known as the Happy Hour of BeerSecret 🙂
Of course our happy hour is more than only tasting: it’s about discovering so much more about our beautiful beer culture. 

No tours, but we never stopped with our tastings.  
The success of this concept has brought us to the idea to start to deliver beers ourselves while watching the live tasting: and voilà: a Beer tour in a box was born.

A preview shot of our 5 min introduction video: to introduce you to BeerSecret and explain this magical concept.

A beer tasting tour? For now: only from home

The days are getting shorter, bars are closed again: let us help you to get the bar atmosphere.
We are almost a half year later now … and unfortunately we are stuck in another lockdown in Belgium as all the bars and restaurants all closed again.  Unfortunately, you can’t experience the vibes of a real bar so you probably try to find a way to get these atmospheres at your home…

Do you feel what we’re going to tell you now? Exactly: Let us arrange the bar atmosphere from your comfortable couch! 
(For Belgian residents only)

Our box is offered for every individual but also for private groups like teambuildings.
Here a preview of a great Wednesday evening with JCI Leuven.

More than a bar atmosphere: a memorable live tastings where to meet the brewer

  • Small groups like our tours :  
    We organise live tastings to give the opportunity to the beer lovers to discover all the secrets behind their tastings. A discovery is not just watching, it’s sharing each others stories. Without doubt, the stories are followed by questions and answers, so interactivity is guaranteed.
  • Meet the brewer:
    We arranged a date with the brewer during our live tastings. There are so many beer boxes you can buy, but no one like ours. With us: it’s always about an experience you can’t get elsewhere.
  • Eight hours full of learning and laughing :
    Because you can’t go anywhere else than at your place or your friends place, we are going to extend our live tastings of November and December to four evenings instead of two. It sounds almost like a creation of a live beer community, right? 🙂

For now, we are delivering every last Wednesday of the month. But if you want to enjoy this special beergift much faster, then we can send you to our beer shop partners to gather our boxes!
Ghent: De hopduvel
Veurne: Dranken Vandewoude
Brussel (Sint-Pieters-Leeuw): Dranken Schoentjes

We hope you like our concept and see you at the live tasting!

We wish you a lot of success during these bizarre periodes. We hope to see you very soon during one of our next live tastings! 

You still prefer to wait until we can go on a tour again? You can surprise someone with a beer or brewery tour by getting a gift card.

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Don’t hesitate to nous contacez if you have a question!

Liselot Caura 
Founder & Guide BeerSecret