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BeerSecret’s visit to Deca Brewery

We arrived in the picturesque village of Woesten, a part of Vleteren in West Flanders, where Deca Brewery stands as a testament to the passing of time and the dedication of various families. The brewery’s journey began in the late 18th century with the Synaeve family, who operated the brewery until 1881.Georges Christiaens, the fourth generation of a brewing family, decided to revive the brewery alongside his son after an adventure in Africa. Today, his son Nicolas is the owner of this fascinating brewery, making him the fifth generation of brewing tradition. 😮

In 2013, tragedy struck as Georges’s life came to an abrupt end in a traffic accident. To honor his father’s memory, Nicolas created Georges IV, an oak-aged blond ale with an enticing 8 percent alcohol content. This brew is an absolute gem and comes highly recommended.

The Deca Brewery’s portfolio extends further with Antiek 5, a surprisingly bitter beer with the alcohol percentage of a pilsner. It’s no wonder this beer holds a special place in Nicolas’s heart. This blond ale offers a sparkling mouthfeel, followed by a dry, mildly bitter finish. The quality of Deca’s beers is so exceptional that their entire range caters to a wide range of tastes. 🍻

Tasting Vleteren 12 in Deca Brewery

Perhaps the most impressive beer in their line-up is the Vleteren 12 bruin, a dark strong ale oak barrel-aged for one year. During the aging process, a small amount of Porto was added to the beer, resulting in a sweet taste profile infused with hints of oak, red fruit, bread, caramel, and honey. Its full-bodied character makes it the ideal beer for leisurely sipping in the comfort of your own couch. Each sip is an extraordinary experience in itself.

Beyond the brewery, Deca also houses a beverage shop where, through a convenient drive-in system, all your essentials are effortlessly placed in your car trunk 🚗. During this Belgian brewery visit, we were graciously guided by Nicolas’s wife, Katrien, who may be new to the brewery but is clearly captivated by the passion of beer brewing. Deca Brewery in Vleteren is steeped in history, with remnants of the past visible throughout. The striking old red brewing kettle, a magnificent piece of craftsmanship still occasionally in use, stands as a testament to the brewery’s rich heritage. It has now been replaced by an equally impressive half-copper brewing kettle. Deca has a stunning beer tasting room that blends modern touches with the authenticity of a brewery filled with history. 

All their beers are brewed using centuries-old open fermentation tanks, lending them a unique flavor profile. Given the brewery’s outstanding beer quality, many guest brewers choose to craft their own creations here, including renowned names like De Poes and Papegaei. Furthermore, the brewery showcases an array of vintage brewing equipment, such as the remarkable old beer filter.

Our brewery visit to Deca  was an enlightening and highly recommended experience for anyone who appreciates a captivating story, authenticity, and who enjoys the best Belgian beer tastings. This is a place where history lives on, and each sip tells a tale of passion and craftsmanship. You can visit their impressive Deca Bar every Saturday and get a small brewery tour for free! Would you like to experience the ins and outs of the brewery? Groups from +10 people can also book an extensive brewery tour for €10 per person. 🤗

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By intern Jef De Merlier for BeerSecret