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Ready for your beer without hops?

Gruut: our Ghent’s craft brewery will suprise you… 

Annick, founder of Gruut brewery, creates her passion in an old tannery warehouse. “Gruut” stands for an idiosyncratic story where one chooses to brew without hops and goes for the herbal mixture. The perfect bundle was literally “blown away” by hops in the 14th century. Hops were cheaper and meant the end of the herbal bouquet.

Gruut can consist of rosemary, gale, sage, yarrow, bay leaf and many other herbs that are typical of the brewer’s creativity. The rest is brewer’s secret. A tip of “the gruut veil” is that the thirty herbs have been replaced by three; one of them perfectly succeeded in replacing the hop. This sounds very simple but it is not. The brewmaster mixed her herbs with a lot of love until she obtained the Gruut recipe. The herbal-brewer’s recipes from long ago further smoothened her research path. However, her search was not limited to the ingredients, because Annick found a lot of anamorphoses in a medieval book. These images have brought the brewery to life and therefore chose to reflect this mirror effect in their beer coasters as well, see for yourself. This discovery can only be noticed with a glass of Gruut in front of you, the tasting now no longer seems impossible to resist…

Do you want to know more? Then, tasting seems impossible to resist. The brewery with café has withstood its homely atmosphere with a cosy sitting area with a view… of the brewing setup.

Anyone who thinks they have immediately looked too deeply into the glass on their first steps at Gruut is wrong. The zebra cows – a nod to the tannins of yesteryear – that stare at you from the ceiling are imaginatively stuffed ruminants that give the whole thing something unexpectedly disturbed. It is inevitable that “Speciallekes” or “Maitresses” are brewed here. Every month you can taste a new discovery. Beer matured in wooden barrels, a sour beer with wild yeasts,… Annick and his brewing partner will charm you. You don’t have to be hungry here either. “De Gruutplank” gives you the best that Ghent has to offer. Gentse kop, Gruut pâté or Breydelspek with a piece of bread with a trot from the brewery already makes your mouth water. If you have skipper’s legs, you can moor your boat here with a small barge. At the Baudelopark they write new “sailors” stories in which Gruut plays an undeniable leading role.