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Beer & City Travel Guides

2nd online beer tasting series – Averbode and its sibling Delirium

Belgian abbeys are not only a big highlight in our catholic history, but they are a very active community from different perspectives.

1st Online beer tasting: abbey beer Affligem & Belgian Trappist beer Orval

Belgium is the country where people from all over the world come to sample Belgian beers.

Corona trend: Are breweries adapting their production to the Corona crisis?

Breweries like ABInbev and other breweries who know how to make whiskey & gin are now getting into the creation of rubbing alcohol

Covid 19

As the Belgian government decided to shut down all bars, restaurants, and non-essential shops, we are not offering any tours until further notice.

Our favourite food & drink spots in Brussels

Below is a list of our favourite places to eat and drink in Brussels.

Our favourite Food & Drink spots of Ghent

Below is a list of our favourite places to eat and drink in Ghent.

Beer box of Ghent

Combining the purchase of the beer box and joining the tour, will lead you completely in our mindset: Love and Enjoy your beer differently.

Let us guide you through our cities!

If you have the opportunity, divide equally those three wonderful cities as they all deserve your quality time.

Time for tradition celebration: Belgian beer weekend in Brussels

Looks like the time is flying as there is again the Belgian beer weekend.
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